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Hello! My name is Kristyna Bertolone, and I am the owner/founder and head coach here at Game Changers. I'm a former collegiate athlete, physical education teacher and high school coach. I have spent the last 15 years in the classroom and on the field working with student athletes. It is from the work I did with my own students and athletes on the computer over COVID that Game Changers was born. Through our conversations I realized a huge need for helping this next generation with their mindset, confidence and leadership skills, as well as bridging the gap between athletes and the people coaching them, helping both parties communicate better. Since 2020 Game Changers has expanded into team culture, team foundation and communication topics as well.

I was born and raised on Long Island, where I currently reside. I played softball and field hockey my whole life, received a college scholarship to play softball at Southern CT State University where I was a pitcher and captain for the Lady Owls. I graduated with a bachelors in Exercise Science, and received my masters in Curriculum Writing, which is where my love for creating content comes from! You can find me traveling up in my Nissan Rogue putting on workshops and presentations for teams, athletes, coaching staffs and programs all across the US.

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